Why Are We Fat and How Can We Slim Down?

Posted by admin - June 30, 2014 - Blog - No Comments

aesthetic-300x300According to an article I read, the #1 Fattest Country in the world is Mexico, followed by the United States of America.  I did some research on the Top 10 Fattest Countries, and the Philippines was not even in it.  I widened my research and found a list of 200 countries, and still, the Philippines was not in it. Does this mean that being fat is not a Filipino problem?

 Filipinos love to eat.  I go to my favourite hangout and see a variety of restaurants everywhere, including fast food ones. What makes us think that being fat is not a Filipino problem?  Before I even forget about it, I would blame my extra weight on Mang Inasal’s Unli-rice (unlimited rice).

So what makes most people fat in general?

Usually the reason why people gain weight or get those bulging muffins in their bellies is that they eat too much and exercise too little.  In spite of the many gyms sprouting all over Metro Manila, many people are still too lazy to do even a little exercise. The advent of the internet and smart phones and gadgets has made people even lazier. They just sit all day with only their fingers moving to browse the net on their iPads.

We have to understand what they call thermodynamics.  I’m not an expert with this law, but it basically says that the amount of energy you put into your system minus the energy you take out has to be stored somewhere.  So where does it go?  Your belly! Thus, the reason people become fat.

Of course, there are many other reasons why people become fat.  One is genetics, where people inherit their ancestors’ “fat genes”.  Another thing is diet.  The amount of food that goes to your body and is not used up or burned is stored as your body fat. So how do we counter this?  Proper diet and enough exercise.

However, not many people (and I say this based on personal experience) have the discipline to only eat enough and eat healthy, and not many people have the time or the motivation to go to the gym and sweat out.

It’s a good thing the AIP Clinic has this newest and hottest treatment called the Vanquish. This makes use of a fat-burning machine, is non-invasive and targets only your body’s fat.  Why is it important to know that?  Because that means that it is very safe to use and will not damage any other part of our body except your “fats”.

Isn’t that just amazing?  Vanquish is a miracle for all those who have lost hope that they will ever be sexy again.  As AIP’s lamppost says, “Stop dreaming and start seeing results”.

Tell us about your slimming problems and let’s see how we can help you.