AIP Introduces RevLite Laser for a Blemish Free Skin

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As their commitment to a BeYOUtiful you, Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines (AIP) joined  those among the few specialty, skin and beauty clinics in the country in using the most advanced technology in the market today – the Revlite Laser Treatment.

The clinic has purchased the brand new machine and is ready to offer this new service to their valued and future clientele.

I have talked with AIP’s Head Dermatologist, Dr. Karen Grace Gavino-Dionisio, and my question to her was, “Are you confident about the  competency of Revlite?”  Without a doubt, she replied, “Very confident.”

As confident as Dr. Gavino-Dionisio, AIP Clinic, its management and its registered nurses are very positive that they will be able to offer a higher quality and better expected results on skin rejuvenation.

As you may already know, Revlite is a Laser Treatment basically for Skin Rejuvenation.  It is non-invasive that uses light energy.  It gently stimulates natural collagen growth which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, restores sun damaged skin, removes dark lesions and even remove tattoos.  To date, Revlite Laser Treatment is a one-stop Skin Rejuvenation treatment and is one of the safest lasers in the market today as long as it is performed by trained medical professionals.

What skin issues can be treated by Revlite? Here’s a list:

-  Acne and acne scarring
-  Pigmentation
-  Fine lines and wrinkles
-  Sun damaged skin
-  Melasma
-  Birth Marks
-  Pore reduction
-  Tattoo removal

So if ever you are near Greenhills, San Juan in Metro Manila, visit AIP Clinic at 15 Esienhower St. and get the Revlite Experience now!  You can also make a reservation at 725-0808 or 0917-7200808